A Letter To My Best Friend A Week After Her Wedding Day

Thought Catalog

Dear best friend,

Well… it’s been one week. Do you feel different?

Because I do.

A week ago I saw you make the best decision of your life — just seven days ago. Just 168 hours. It might as well have been a lifetime.

I had been tearing up all morning. In the midst of all the chaos, every few minutes my mind would settle and I would realize just what was åhappening. I stood next to you in that white dress when you grabbed my shoulder blade and whispered, “Love you.” I always lose it first, but I blame you for causing that one.

I’ll never forget the moment right before we all walked down that long, red-brick aisle. I think I was more nervous than you were. Right before I made those synchronized steps, I looked back expecting to catch your eye. The sun was shining behind that…

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