The Sandwich Myths

Literaty Pakistan

By Hadiqa Khan

I’m sure you’ve come across the statement ‘Feminists hate sandwiches’ multiple times on the internet or in the middle of light hearted banter amongst your friends and family. You’ve probably also heard that the sandwich is the worst thing that has ever happened to feminism (closely followed by Bella Swan as the second worst thing). The internet memes, such as the one below, did a great job of perpetuating this idea.


This may come as a shock to those who have made 9GAG practically their bible but feminists as a group, DO NOT hate sandwiches. What they probably dislike is the way the sandwich ‘joke’ is used to demean the many qualities and talents women posses by reducing them all to the notion that women belong in the kitchen and are only good for making sandwiches.

Feminism, through the years, has attracted a lot of negative attention. The anti-feminism…

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